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Our Story

Our story began during our architecture studies in Oulu, northern Finland. At A-paja, the centre of our campus, we began our exploration of the links connecting people with their environments.

For us, the Finnish word ‘Apaja’ refers to treasure troves that are found from a process of discovery, often by surprise. Usually, such apajas remain secret, almost in a holy way. In our work, we want to reverse this trend, and make new understandings of the built environment readily available.


Our Motives


We want to infuse positive approaches to a holistic understanding of the built environment, including how it is developed and the way it is inhabited. Our aim is to join the conversation, and reveal unacknowledged topics concerning our built environment’s impacts. In doing so, we hope to contribute to our profession, while expanding interest into these topics.

Our Methods


Collaboration is central to our collective journey. We will do this by:


  • Discovering, exploring, investigating current knowhow


  • Listening, discussing, sharing beyond conventional boundaries


  • Pondering, imagining, evolving alternate perspectives


  • all in an atmosphere of curiosity, transparency and engagement.



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